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Welcome to the ULTIMATE RX-7 Page!

Whoa Nelly! Yes, this page is FINALLY getting updated. When I'm done, this page will be THE definitive resource on the 2nd generation RX-7, from infomation and repair, to modification and more! To find out what the latest additions are, check out the What's New page!


Find out What's New with the ULTIMATE RX-7 Page!


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My RX-7s, Past and Present

 My current car is a 1988 10th Anniversary TurboII. Previously, I had a maroon 1987 TurboII that met with a tree at 60 MPH. Check out the pics of each, along with some tech tips and neat ideas!


  The RX-7 Handbook

The old library is now gone - I'm slowly building a new Handbook! This will make it a LOT easier to navigate and find the info you're looking for. If you'd like to contribute, drop me a line!

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The Engine Rebuild Adventure

One of the more misunderstood and mystery-wrought repairs on the rotary engine is rebuilding the engine itself. Check out my rebuild adventure - it's actually quite easy and VERY fulfilling to do it yourself!

The BIG RX-7 Links Page!

 You want it, you got it! The BIG Links Page has traditionally been the largest collection of RX-7 resources on the 'net. I've got a great new URL manager program, and it's fixin' to regain it's original stature!!!

Trip Stories

One of the best things of being on the RX-7 list is meeting other enthusiasts around the country. Of course, whenever I travel, we have to meet face-to-face!


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Last updated: 9/29/2000