Mailing List Information

The Main RX-7 Mailing list:
Send e-mail to with "subscribe rx7" in the body of the message.  If you'd like to subscribe to the digest version (which bundles the messages together in 40k chunks, which I recommend) put "subscribe rx7-digest" in the body of the message instead.

Team.FC3S mailing list (for 2nd generation cars, specifically TurboII's)
To subscribe to our mailing list, simply email with "subscribe" in the body. For the digest version, which is one email every 24 hours including all of the day's messages, email with "subscribe" in the body. If you have any problems or questions, email I highly recommend reading the List Etiquette guide as you jump into the world of the list - this will help you become a better poster! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The FAQs contain a lot of very useful information for your particular generation of RX-7.  Read the FAQ first, then ask on the list.  If you find something out that's new and interesting, please submit it to the maintainer of the FAQ!  Just click on the appropriate link for your car.  Some of the FAQs are pretty long, so be patient while they load.

1st Generation cars (79-85)

2nd Generation cars (86-91)

3rd Generation cars (93-95)