My Ride

1988 Mazda RX-7 10th Anniversary TurboII, JM1FC3321J0622799


What can I say? This is my baby. I purchased her exactly 1 week after the wreck in the old car. Got it for $5700 from a lawyer here in Pensacola - he's the original owner. Do I love it?  Hell yeah!!!!

It's picture time!

The Rev-Speed Meter. This is stuck to the upper corner of the windshield with double-sided tape. Doesn't look bad from outside the car, and it's really easy to see and use in the car.

Overview of the engine bay. Lotsa red, white, and black! It's kinda dirty here - still haven't cleaned it up since the turbo install.

Driver's side of the engine bay - you can see the AIC amplifier box, and the Magnecor wires.

Top of the motor - you can see the additional injectors, the blowoff valve, and the upper intercooler pipe.

IC Pipes - this is next to the radiator. It's kinda hard to see, but they are both "stacked" on top of each other, running between the frame rail and the radiator to the front of the car

The battery box - place to put the stickers :)

MSD 6A ignition amplifier - it's under the drivers's side headlight, on top of the brake duct.

The downpipe - it's heat wrapped, and I've got various types of heat wrap around the oil, water, and AC lines there.

Cone intake - right now, it's a generic one until I get the Apex'i. Notice the heat shield - that's from a heat blanket for a barbeque smoker! Works well.

Fuel pressure regulator - look carefully, it's in there. There's a fuel pressure gauge screwed into it -came with the FPR. Works great!

Broadway rearview mirror - the thing RULES. It's much clearer and larger than the stock mirror - really makes a difference!

And, last but not least, my $500 '87 base smoke show car! It will be getting its motor taken care of soon!


Right now, the car is putting down some MAJOR power - 0-60 in 4.7 seconds! So, what do I have done to it? Here ya go....


Street ported

Comp oil seal springs

FD corner seal springs



Generic cone (soon to be replaced)

HKS airflow meter adapter

3" inlet duct

Aluminized heat shield



60-1 Hi-Fi, .81 turbine housing

Water cooled center section

HKS cast T04 manifold

Braided oil and water lines

Cartech wastegate (5psi spring)

HKS EVC I with Scramble Boost Controller



Cartech front-mount

Greddy blowoff valve


Throttle body

Secondaries removed, thermowax removed

Jap-spec primary throttle stop

Aerodynamic porting

'89-91 throttle body cap



Custom 3" downpipe, midpipe

Wrapped downpipe

Apex N1 cat-back



MSD 6A CDI box

Magnecor wires

NGK BUR9EQP plugs leading/trailing



Walbro fuel pump (rewired)

2 550cc additional injectors

Extreme Motorsports fuel pressure regulator

HKS FCON w/ upgraded turbo chip

Apex Super-AFC tied into FCON




Racing Beat stainless braided brake lines

Bonez pads

Castrol LMA brake fluid



Koni adjustable shocks (80% front, 60% rear)

Suspension Techniques linear springs

Racing Beat swaybars, front and rear

Dunlop Sp8000 tires on stock rims (225/50/16)



Centerforce pressure plate

Stock 3rd gen clutch disc

Redline MT90 in gearbox

Redline 75w90 in rear end

Rotary Performance braided clutch line



Metal vacuum spider

Stock intercooler bracket

All solenoids

Air bypass solenoid valve

Air pump

Air control valve

EGR valve

Headlight washer tank

Windshield washer tank



Greddy turbo timer

Apex EL-series 60mm PSI boost gauge

GReddy 52mm EGT, white face

Intellitronix air/fuel gauge

Dual a-pillar pod

Broadway 320mm rearview mirror (flat)

Razo leather shift knob

Air horns

Pep Boys pedal covers

Clear front turn signals

H4 bulb-compatible headlight housings

Generic ion blue H4 bulbs, 85/100 watt

Quick release battery terminals

Apex rev-speed meter

Glass breakage sensors for stock security system (added)



Sony tape deck

Sony 10-disc changer

Soundstream Reference 200 amp

MB Quart 4" coax in front dash location

Eclipse 5 ¼ in door location

Infinity Kappa 6.5" in rear shock towers