What's New

7/18/1998 - Total redesign of the site. Hope ya like it! :) MUCH more new stuff to be coming in the future....watch this space!

9/29/2000 - OK, so I lied. :) NOW I'm updating everything! New additions include the new Handbook and a list of mods on my car.

Started on: Basic structure of handbooks, first few repair handbook articles, before you begin article on Mods.

9/30/2000 - Wrote Boost Control Tech in Mod Handbook, the Trim Packages section in Info Handbook, and the two Help! articles in the Repair Handbook.

10/4/2000 - I think I missed adding some What's New updates :). Pictures of my current setup are on the My Ride page. Repair Handbook got Recommended Tools, Clutch Installation, and Turbo Rebuild How-To. Mod Handbook got Fuel Tech. Updated some things in the Trim Packages for clarity and added list of new features for '89-91 models.

10/9/2000 - Added Tune-Up and Engine Electrical to Repair Handbook.

10/11/2000 - Wrote the first draft of the TeamFC3S List Etiquette guide.

10/14/2000 - You wanted 'em, you got 'em - 2nd gen T-shirts and accessories! They turned out really sharp, and you can even order online!