The Old Ride


Sadly, my '87 TurboII passed away not too long ago. Click here to read the obituary.

For the not-so-squeamish, check out the pictures of the damage to the car from the wreck. These aren't pretty. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Well, I parted out the old car. I got some pretty cool pics of the whole removal of the motor. The motor chained up. Comin' out! My roommate John getting it out. The motor out of the car. See how strong John is? That's why we call him Big Torque. Sergio Perez (Suave) and a buddy (Orlando) came up and bought the hood and rims that day. That's John under the car.

Upgrades: 10mm Magnecor plug wires, rotted out pre-cat, El Cheapo driving lights, Sony XRC-210 head unit w/10 disc changer, Clarion EQ, Kicker 4" Separates in the front, Infinity Kappa 6.5" in the rear, Soundstream 200 amp, Soundstream USA 12". And, of course, the obligatory Uniden radar detector and smoked license plate cover. Oh, and I added a separate air filter just for the air pump. Don't know if it helps any, but it's kinda cool. And, the obligatory fire extinguisher, just in case. Check out the way cool battery terminals I got.

I did some pretty cool upgrades! A WeaponR Intake from Revolutions Motorsports, which includes a Way Cool sticker. Also, a GReddy Turbo Timer - I'm very pleased with it. The amber display matches the interior well.

Pics of my '87 TurboII:

  • Great pic of it in the parking lot at UWF.
  • Another shot - same pose, but made a few months later :).
  • The engine bay.
  • From the back.
  • Click Here to read my tales of repairing my Rotary Rocket, as well as the various modifications done to it.