2nd Generation Modification Handbook

This is a guide for modifying your 2nd generation RX-7, turbo and non-turbo. These cars have proven to be very capable performers stock, but have a LOT of potential for performance when modified!

Many of these modifications are assuming the car is in decent shape to begin with - the car should run and idle well, with a solid motor. It's always a good idea to sink money into *fixing* the car first before modifying it! But, when replacing worn-out components, there's usually an upgraded component to put in its place.

PLEASE read "Before you Begin" before continuing on!

As far as I know, all the info here is accurate. But, as usual, I take no responsiblity if you mess up your car!

If you see something that needs to be changed, or would like to contribute some additional material, please e-mail me at rx7guru@home.com



Before you begin

Turbo Modification Path

Non-Turbo Modification Path

Suspension Modification Path

Brake Modification Path

Tuning and the Rotary Engine

Aftermarket EFI Tech

Boost Control Tech

Fuel System Tech

Fuel Pump Rewiring

Turbocharger Selection and Tech

Supercharger Tech

Nitrous Tech

Suspension Tech

Brake Tech

Internal Engine Modification Tech