My trip to Jacksonville


One weekend I decided to go to Jacksonville and see an old girlfriend of mine. Spend Saturday with her, then met up with Carlos Iglesias (BKA Julios) on Sunday.


We had a lot of fun...I hadn't seen his car in a while, and I got to see the new mods and completed racing stripes. His car is truly STUNNING in person; you can't quit looking at it!


Also got to meet Dean Colver and see his amazing Yellow R-1. Unfortunately, I left my camera back at Carlos' house, so I didn't get any pictures. Check out the Moroso Drag Wars story for pics of Dean's car.


We had lunch together, then drove around in each other's cars. Actually, I didn't get to drive Carlos' car this time, since his turbo timer and Profec are in the way of my legs! I can't fit in there anymore, damnit! :)


Here's the good stuff:


Carlos' car in the driveway

Another shot

The world-famous license plate and exhaust!

Both of our cars

Another shot of our cars

Our cars from the back