Meeting TeamFC3S in Austin

Well, a bunch of the guys on the TeamFC3S list live around central Texas, so we decided to have a get-together when I went home for Christmas in San Antonio. This was compounded by the fact I had just (literally - just a few days before) finished my engine rebuild.

John Reineke (BKA Big Torque, my roommate) came with me on the trip. We met up with Drew Blair and Javier Rosario in San Antonio for the trek up to Austin. We all met up next to a McDonald's in Austin (neat, eh? :)

Present from Austin were Russell Smith and Paul Stoaks (Mr. FCD). Brian Cain and his friend Lee came down from Dallas to meet up with everybody. Another fellow in Austin with a 3rd gen popped in; can't remember his name off the top of my head.

After a high-budget lunch at McDonald's (heh) it was time for some street terror. We drove over to a (rather nice!) local import performance shop and got to see the world-famous BCain flame-throwing under an overpass. Whoa! Someone fire a gun? :)

After checking out the import shop (lots of drooling) we were, of course, standing in the parking lot installing Lee's new cone intake. :) Unfortunately, it soon started raining HEAVILY so we had to patch Lee's car up and head over to Russell's. Of course, Brian jumped into his car and slung his door into mine, nicely denting the passenger side :). Ah well, he gave me a rotor and rotor housing :)

Anyhow, after finishing up Lee's install at Russell's, we shot the bull and checked out some of the books and such I brought along. All in all, a fun day was had, even if the weather sucked.

The next day in San Antonio, Drew and Javier and I went running around town checking out the import shops and Corky Bell's shop (BEGI). BTW, that shop is WAY hard to find!

OK, here's the pics:

All our cars in the McDonald's parking lot

Another shot

The guys and the cars.

Brian's engine bay

Javier's engine bay

Russell's engine bay

Paul showing off his instrumentation project

A shot of the instrument project where it will go